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Save Black Swan Lake

Save Black Swan Lake

Bundall, Gold Coast

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Don't let the Council and the Gold Coast Turf Club fill in the lake.

This website contains links to a number of resources related to saving Black Swan Lake. If you think additional links should be added to this website, please email your suggestions by clicking here.

This website is a work-in-progress. If you find any problems with it or have any issues with it please send an email here.

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Location of beautiful Black Swan Lake Bundall

6 Gold Market Drive, Bundall

There are lots of bird species, including Black Swans, inhabiting the lake and its surrounds. Go to see the lake at Gold Market Drive, Bundall, and enjoy the serenity of this beautiful wildlife sanctuary in the centre of the city.

There are usually parking spaces free in Equine Court, and it is an easy walk from there to the lake (see the dotted line on the map below).

Website has documented 65 bird species at Black Swan Lake. Black Swan Lake is one of the many thousands of hotspots they has gathered detailed information about. A Latham's Snipe was seen and photographed there on 31st Jan 2018.
Have a look at the list of species documented at Black Swan Lake.

Other species documented at Black Swan Lake but not yet on the list are Wood Duck and Rainbow Bee Eater.

The Truth about Black Swan Lake


The image below shows the whole site as a wetland in a pre-clearing sense.

The image below is of the Queensland Wetlands mapping and clearly shows the lacustrine wetlands (in yellow) and palustrine wetlands (in red cross hatching).

The lake is not toxic - Read the Water Reports

The Council claims that the lake is toxic, and are using that claim as one of the reasons why they want to fill in the lake. That claim has been totally refuted!

The Bulimba Creek Catchment Coordinating Committee has published two professional and detailed water quality reports for Black Swan Lake.

Report 1

This report was produced in September 2014. It is in PDF format (33 pages) and gives a very detailed assessment of the lake and shows that Council's claim that the lake is toxic is just plain wrong.

Report 2

This report was produced in August 2016. It is also in PDF format and stretches to 36 pages. It again clearly shows the lake is not toxic.

Go to the B4C website to read these two reports and make up your own mind about the health of the lake.

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These reports clearly refute the Council's claim that the lake is toxic. Council has been presented with these reports but never refers to them. They continue to refer to a brief unprofessional 2014 report by a NSW spotter/catcher who claimed to find dead birds around the lake, and claimed (without any qualifications to do so) that the lake was toxic. He did no water testing. Council will not release this unprofessional "kiddie" report.

Council is refusing to acknowledge the professionally verified reports of the health of the lake.

Please Sign the Following Petitions

Please read and if you agree with it sign the CHANGE.ORG petition to stop Black Swan Lake from being filled in.
More than 40,000 people have signed already!
Please add your name if you believe this beautiful wildlife habitat should be saved.

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Please also sign the following petition to ask the Gold Coast City Council to RESCIND the Turf Club's licence to fill in the lake.
This licence costs the Turf Club the obscenely low amount of ONE DOLLAR PER YEAR, IF REQUESTED!!.

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Development Applications

Development Applications

Do you have some spare time to do some reading?. Here are links to the Development Applications to destroy Black Swan Lake.
You have to click on the little magnifying glass to the left of the application number on the pdonline website to see all the related documents.
In the second application search, the OPW number appears more than once in the list. Click on the magnifying glass next any one of those OPW numbers to see the list of documents.

Lodged 25/11/2016
Lodged 15/3/2018


Please come to Council meetings if you can, to demonstrate your support for keeping Black Swan Lake as a wildlife refuge.

You can help save Black Swan Lake from being destroyed!

Our Lake still lies quiet and tranquil because of you
Please continue to guard this small peaceful piece of our Australia

Choose some of these guarding things to do


Purchase Black Swan Lake merchandise to help raise funds

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More items will be added soon

You can help to save the lake!

Go Fund Me Campaign

"Once again we have retained a solicitor and a barrister, which is expensive, but absolutely imperative. This the only way to fight the destruction of the lake. Many of you have dedicated your time to this both on the ground at the lake and at home with your phone and computer. Many of you have stood in picket lines with signs and have written to officials, attended council meetings and lobbied various levels of government, which is all very helpful. It is clearly not enough in this battle we are facing, please stand with us as we mount this next legal challenge. Even just sharing this, is of great help and importance. Contributing $5 or the price of a coffee, is appreciated and goes a long way. Together WE are strong, we can do this!"

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Please note that the administrator of is not a contact for this gofundme campaign and is not able give any advice or information regarding donating to the campaign. If you want more information about this gofundme campaign please contact the campaign manager via the gofundme website.

Social and Other Media


These facebook pages demonstrate that a lot of residents are fed up with, and have no faith in, the decisions that Mayor and Council are making on their behalf.

Instagram and TripAdvisor

Great photos and posts on Instagram and TripAdvisor

#2 of things to do in Bundall

YouTube Videos

Black Swan Lake videos

Other Media Articles/Reports/Videos

Independent Australia Article
By Sue Arnold 15th Feb 2018
SUN Article
By Michael Beatty 7th Feb 2018
Channel 7 Report
20th Dec 2017

Independent Australia Article
By David Donovan 22nd Nov 2017
Four Corners
All That Glitters 13th Sep 2017
Queensland Government
Media Statement 24th Aug 2017

The Mercury
12th Mar 2017
Gold Coast Sun
26th Feb 2017
GCCC Council Meeting
15th Nov 2016


Please use courteous language in your emails regarding Black Swan Lake - don't abuse the person you are emailing. If you choose to contact someone by phone, remember that the first person you speak to will probably be a secretary or assistant. So please be polite at all times.

Mayor and Councillors

Let Council know that you feel strongly about preserving Black Swan Lake wildlife habitat.
The Email button should use your default email program on your computer or laptop, and should work on your mobile device if the default email app has been configured. The Phone and Mobile buttons should start the Dialler app on your smartphone.

Gold Coast Turf Club

Tell the Turf Club they must not destroy this beautiful lake
Ask them to preserve our lake as a permanent sanctuary

Local papers

Let them know what you think about the Council and Turf Club's decision to fill in the lake.

Queensland Government

Ask the State Minister for Racing to withhold from turf club any share of the millions of our tax money given out to turf club benefit

Ask the State Minister for the Environment to call a halt to all development at Black Swan Lake

Federal Government

Ask the Federal Minister for the Environment to call a halt to all development at Black Swan Lake
(You need to fill in an online form - it is not done by email)