Save Black Swan Lake

Save Black Swan Lake

Bundall, Gold Coast

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The Gold Coast Turf Club, with the approval of the Gold Coast City Council, has destroyed most of the lake.

However, at the Council meeting on 01/09/2020 the Council voted to retain what is left.

Let's hope that they don't change their minds again and decide to continue the destruction of this beautiful habitat.

Remainder of the lake

Don't let the Council and the Gold Coast Turf Club destroy the rest of the lake

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Location of beautiful Black Swan Lake Bundall

6 Gold Market Drive, Bundall

There are lots of bird species, including Black Swans, inhabiting the lake and its surrounds. Go to see the lake at Gold Market Drive, Bundall, and enjoy the serenity of this beautiful wildlife sanctuary in the centre of the city.

There are usually parking spaces free in Equine Court, and it is an easy walk from there to the lake (see the dotted line on the map below).

Website has documented 71 bird species at Black Swan Lake. Black Swan Lake is one of the many thousands of hotspots they have gathered detailed information about.
Have a look at the list of species documented at Black Swan Lake.

Social and Other Media


These facebook pages demonstrate that a lot of residents are fed up with, and have no faith in, the decisions that Mayor and Council are making on their behalf.


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YouTube Videos

Black Swan Lake videos

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Please use courteous language in your emails regarding Black Swan Lake - don't abuse the person you are emailing. If you choose to contact someone by phone, remember that the first person you speak to will probably be a secretary or assistant. So please be polite at all times.

Mayor and Councillors

Let Council know that you feel strongly about preserving Black Swan Lake wildlife habitat.
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Gold Coast Turf Club

Tell the Turf Club they must not destroy this beautiful lake
Ask them to preserve our lake as a permanent sanctuary

Local papers

Let them know what you think about the Council and Turf Club's decision to fill in the lake.

Queensland Government

Ask the State Minister for Racing to withhold from turf club any share of the millions of our tax money given out to turf club benefit

Ask the State Minister for the Environment to call a halt to all development at Black Swan Lake

Federal Government

Ask the Federal Minister for the Environment to call a halt to all development at Black Swan Lake
(You need to fill in an online form - it is not done by email)